Free Results Session Body Perfect Pilates

My name is Kelly and I am a Pilates Expert in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

If you're fed up with your body now and want to make the critical changes to get your body into shape once and for all, you're in the right place.

I specifically help people like you to strengthen the supporting muscles around their back, improve mobility, flexibility and control and to transform their confidence, becoming happy from the inside out.

Imagine yourself as the life and soul of the party, pain free, improved confidence in your ability and creating the body YOU didn't think was possible.

If all starts with a results session. A chance for us to find out specifically why you haven't reached your goals, get you working out of your comfort zone and fully understand what it takes to shape your body for life.

I have decided to open a limited number of spaces for FREE results sessions worth £99. if you would like to apply, please complete the form in full and I'll be in contact with 24hours if not sooner.

Kind regards

Kelly Rook

Pilates Specialist

07753 351 718

Improve spinal mobility, overall strength and flexibility
Improve sense of wellbeing e.g less pain, less stiff, stand tall
Non intimidating environment
Support and guidance from a like minded group
All of the above

Excuse maker that's always looking for a magic pill
An action taker that wants to make changes NOW
A procrastinator that always puts things off

Yes, I am committed and ready to take action